Ayurvedic Remedies

Empower yourself and your family. Lead a healthy, happy and disease free life and improve relations at home.
*2 months 8 sessions.
Teenage Girls and Boys. Typical teenage issues like Hormones, beauty, height, self-care, be goal oriented, improve relationships with friendsand family.
* 3 months 12 sessions.
Women and Girls. Be healthy, beautiful and disease free.
* 2 months 8 sessions.
Children Strengthen your child below 12 years to be mentally, physically strong and spiritually aware. Increase their stamina, concentration and become goal oriented.
* 1 month 4 sessions.
Women, Men and Children of all ages Get rid of your obesity and be fit, good looking and healthy.
* 6 months 24 sessions.
All Preventive and curative care of various lifestyle diseases and learn how to take care of your health and wellness
* 1 month 4 sessions (duration can be increased basedon the need)
Women For parents who want a natural method of prenatal and pregnancy care. Have a healthy and chemical free pregnancy, have a healthy, beautiful and strong baby . For Post partum care for mother and baby. Duration can be increased.
* 8 months 14 sessions
Women For women having difficulties in conceiving and who want to experience motherhood.
* 6 months 18 sessions.
Elders and Senior Citizens Take care of your parents and make them responsible for their wellness, health and spirituality
* 6 months 20 sessions.
Women and Men Beauty and wellness secrets of royal families before weddings for both bride and bridegroom.
* 2 months 16 sessions.
Women Have a healthy life free of PCOD, fibroids andhormonal issues.
* 3 months 9 sessions.
Men and Women By having a compete stress free life, increaseproductivity at home and work and hence besuccessful in what you do.
* 1 month 4 sessions (Can be increased based on the need)

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